"Just wanna say what an amazing job you guys did the day of mine and Candace's wedding! Very professional and top of the line entertainment, and you guys go the extra step to ensure a great time! Not to mention you guys were extremely helpful!! Between helping me figure out which songs to play and getting everything in order for our big day, you guys where lifesavers!!! Thank you so so so much!!!  Highly recommend these guys for any event needing entertainment! Graig and Lindsey Harrison!!"

Waylon and Candace Weiss

  • 5:01

My Husband and I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Integrity Rose Events! They were in charge of our wedding at the Barnhill Center back in November 2017 and did an absolutely amazing job. And I mean AMAZING!!!!!! We could not have made it through our big day without their help and professionalism. The music was great, the coordination by Lindsey was spot on fabulous and they really made our day one of the best days ever! Thanks so much to you both for your attention to detail and caring attitude. You're the BEST!!!!

Rachel and Ryan Novosad


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"We loved everything you guys did... We had so many compliments and everyone enjoyed the music and dancing. We thought everything went great, inside and out.Ya'll were so easy to work with and it was fun that we worked together so smoothly. 
I will honestly tell you that if I had another child, I would be calling you again."

Thanks again for helping make our night awesome!

Loretta & Jody Kapchinski

I can not believe how amazing my wedding turned out! I have to thank Graig and Lindsey for just that. I can't tell you how many people came to me and told me that the music was perfect. Not to mention, there were a few hiccups (which happens at every wedding), and none of the guests knew because Lindsey and Graig coordinated so beautifully. Lindsey made sure all the pictures were taken in a timely manner. Everything ran so smoothly because of them! Thank you, Lindsey and Graig for making our day the best! 

Johnny and Jaime Salinas

Integrity Rose event is run by the most amazing husband and wife team! My wedding went on without any hiccups because of them! They worked so great together they can basically read each other's minds LOL! they're always on the same page when it came to what's next and what music to play and they really don't even have to communicate that! And I love seeing how much they love each other! I couldn't be more pleased with their work! When it comes to day of coordinating Lindsey is the best there is! We had a couple issues that occur because of one of our guessed ( thank God I never had to know about it during the wedding!) but she was able to resolve it without even having to notify me, whenever there was a problem she was quick to act and resolve it so that I would not even have to worry about it all I had to do was enjoy my big day! And she always comes prepared with extra serving plates in case you need them a sewing kit basically a bridal emergency kit which came greatly in handy on my wedding day! This couple is the best there is in the wedding industry and their prices are amazing and affordable something you don't see that often in the wedding industry! If you're planning on getting married this is the couple you definitely need in your corner! and thank you again Greg and Lindsey y'all are absolutely phenomenal! My wedding would have turned out nearly as good as it did without y'all!

 Ericka & Ryan 11-12-17

"Thank yall so much for an amazing night! The music was awesome. And thank you Lindsey for keeping the beverages stocked. I couldn't have asked for a better set of people to help make our wedding so special!"

James and Mercedes Bickham

"Yumi and I want to thank DJ Spezial Guest--Graig and Lindsey Harrison--for the wonderful job they did at our wedding. The music was great and Graig was exceptional at reading the crowd and keeping people on the dance floor. He and his wife Lindsey helped us with coordinating all of the events of the evening and made everything run smoothly. We were worried about finding a good DJ, but I could tell after meeting Graig the first time that he would be great for our wedding. He and his wife did a phenomenal job, and I highly recommend DJ Spezial Guest for all of your DJ needs."

Dustin and Yumi Levein

Graig and Linsey were instrumental in making our wedding everything we dreamt of and more. They were organized, thoughtful, assertive and fun! When we met before the wedding I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. As soon as we starting talking I knew that I could trust them with the task of making our wedding day smooth and organized. They definitely experienced obstacles on the day of our wedding but they handled each one with ease and grace. Lindsey and Graig always had our best interest and knew how to make us feel like the only bride and groom in the world. Graig's has a knack for feeling out the crowd and made our dance party one for the books. My husband and I are forever grateful for finding this dream team and recommend them to anyone looking for a duo that can execute an entertaining and organized wedding day! Thank you Lindsey and Graig! 

Emily and Chris Siemsglusz

Integrity Rose Events

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I honestly can't say you guys need to work on anything...everything was perfect and Lindsey is awesome! She was working it like a champ ! I truly enjoyed having ya'll as the DJ. I only wished I had another event so yall could come DJ. My friend is getting married in December..I'm trying to see if she's still needs a DJ  She was at the wedding so she knows how good yall are and the job yall do is above what you were hired for.  I'm grateful you helped make my daughters wedding a success !

Thank you

Stacey Pelfrey​

If you're looking for a phenomenal DJ, look no further!  Graig listened to our requests from the get go. He played the music we asked, and every song was danced to!  He also played the music for our ceremony, I had no idea what I wanted or what would work, and he did an amazing job finding the perfect music for us!  His wife, Lindsey, is seriously a God send for all Brides out there!  She was constantly making sure everything was running smoothly and that I didn't need anything!  My bridal party and myself put her 'Bridal Emergency Kit' to the test, and I'm so glad she had it (all the way down, to sewing the bustle on my dress after it was stepped on and ripped out!). Between Graig and Lindsey they made sure the wedding ran smoothly and that not a single detail was missed!  If I could do our wedding all over again, I'd book them first!!  

Ryan and Colbie Knipstein

"I will gladly speak on behalf of not only ourselves but the vast majority of our family and guests by saying that we were far beyond happy and proud to have y'all play our wedding! From the initial contact I had with you over the phone all the way throughout to wedding night it's been an absolute pleasure working with you and Lindsey, and I can confidently say from the various other bands we looked into or heard previously that y'all are by far and away in another league as far as what you have to offer. We really appreciated the communication throughout the process in its entirety, but especially the meeting beforehand, organization throughout the night, and of course the show itself. As you both know, the wedding day is definitely a blur but there are always things that leave a lasting impact in not only your mind, but the mind of all those in attendance. Throughout the evening and days to follow we got a lot of compliments on various aspects of the wedding, and we can't tell you how many times, and from how many people, we heard praise on how great the band was and how good of a time the guests had. That alone speaks volumes to the job you guys did and I know that not only did you exceed our expectations for the night, but hopefully caught the attention of many others who may be looking for someone to play shows in the future. 

I'm sure y'all get great reviews all the time and I know the most important part of a review is taking away things that could make you better going forward, but Bridget and I honestly don't have a complaint or even a suggestion other than keep doing what you're doing. The other bands aren't willing or worried about setting up early or coordinating anything throughout the night, furthermore a face to face meeting beforehand would probably never even be considered. Y'all go far above and beyond in terms of what you do to make things run the way they do and that says a lot about the end result.  Graig, you do a great job of managing the band and all it's counterparts and you do it for the right reasons which is evident throughout the process. I've talked to several outside agents/managers from other bands and more of them than not I'm ready to hang up with them before we ever get started. I appreciated working with and talking to you throughout the whole process as opposed to someone who wasn't even going to be there the night of the event like many of these other guys."

Cody and Bridget Marburger

"Love you guys... Had an amazing time, and thanks for all of the special services y'all provided above and beyond our contract! Need to stay in touch!"             

Josh and Kristen Vandever